Sonic BollART

Mobile Installation by Team Artifactory

15–24 May 
Perth Cultural Centre, Club Huge

Reclaiming urban infrastructure, the Sonic BollART is a vessel where artists can develop a range of experiences and realise their digital ideas; it provides a method to share artworks and experiences with a local audience. The bollard is a common object in any urban landscape, serving as a barrier to certain activities or modes of transport, but the bollard also offers opportunities to house infrastructure for other things. They represent an underappreciated, readily available and numerous art-space with high foot-traffic, a human scale, and a fun set of constraints to fire the imagination. The BollART is a vessel within which a range of experiences can be tailored by individual artists, to create an item to convey their ideas.

This iteration features a theremin and a wifi music deaddrop containing artists performing in the THNMF.

Team Artifactory is a collective of musical speakers-to-the-ether and technomages, who developed the BollART concept, winning the inaugural Hack the Festival as part of the 2015 Perth International Arts Festival. Members involved in the Sonic BollART include Meg Travers, Skot McDonald, Tim Gilchrist, Craig Wale and Morgan Strong.