Johannes S. Sistermanns / Decibel

8pm Friday  15 May
PS Art Space, 22 Packenham St, Fremantle
Free Entry. Register Online to confirm tickets

German composer Johannes Sistermanns will be artist in Residence at PSAS in Fremantle for 3 weeks leading into THNMF developing a series of immersive sound works and collaborating with Decibel ensemble to create a new work for chamber group and immersive sound.


Performed by Decibel Ensemble
Composition/Space/Electroacoustic: Johannes S. Sistermanns [iPad/Graphic Notation]

Space can be folded!? Sound can be folded!? Sound folds air, continually.

This composition is realized with the Decibel ScorePlayer – an ipad application that enables network-synchronised scrolling of proportional colour music scores on multiple tablet computers.

Commissioned by Decibel with support by Government of Western Australia through the Department for Culture and the Arts

New York sur_[Version Fold 2] Australian Premiere

Glad wrap, Voice, Electroacoustics, Accordion, Piezo, Transducer
Johannes S. Sistermanns, Voice, Accordion, Glad wrap,   Electronics

The Talking Board by Cat Hope & Lindsay Vickery

Johannes S. Sistermanns Residency, Exhibition and Performances are presented by PS Arts Space and Tura New Music and supported by Kunststiftung NRW Düsseldorf / Germany

Johannes S. Sistermans is also presenting pre Festival performances on:

6.30pm Fri 1 May   New York sur_ [Version Fold 1]

Glad  wrap, Voice, Electroacoustics, Piezo, Transducer
Johannes S. Sistermanns,   Performance

7.30pm 8 May         open the gates        2015   WP

Electroacoustics, 4 cars, glad wrap, car radio, street
Johannes S. Sistermanns