Gentle Steps Open Mouth – Alice Hui-Sheng Chang

7.30pm Saturday 23 May
Performance Space, PICA
$25/$15 Book Online

Melbourne based composer, vocalist, sound artist Alice Hui-Sheng Chang presents a program of new works including vocal work for large vocal group

“We sound so we are heard, whether it is a bang, a dong, a ahhh or a la, whether we are being understood or not, interpretation is there.

I dreamed of being in a world where I can speak in a language that no one made up with scientific analysis, but everyone understood instantly and spoke back in the same passion. We are just like birds, we each have our own call that we are born with, and asked to repeat. Perhaps we can learn other calls by mimicking it, or we can modify our call over generations, but we cannot change our physics.

I come from a tropical island with extreme urban noise and far from natural soundscape. Our emotions are constrained and subconscious are controlled by commercials. I want to scream with the longest breath and with the thinnest gap, then I might be able to twist human voice and remember my dreams.”

Alice 2