Johannes S. Sistermanns [Cologne/Bornheim Germany]

„authenticitY of spacE # spatiaL surfacE volumE # resonatinG # decayinG # materiaL vibratioN # rooM toneS # instrumenT playS withouT musiciaN # sociaL dimensioN oF sounD # blurreD edgeS, lettinG gapS groW and explorinG # [Un – the World] unexpected unrepeatable unclosed uncouple listening off # soniC scorE videO scorE # awarenesS moveS alonG # boundary is a perspectivE no limiT # performancE radiOsounDworK sounDarT exhibitioN sounDplastiC electroacoustiC visuaL arT neW musiC # sitE-specifiC sounD environmenT and installatioN # decouplinG procesS-baseD gaP # transitional artist # wherE tO gO?“ © JSSistermanns

He stages his composition as Media/Electroacoustic, Performances, SoundPlastic, Radioart, Music Theatre and Urban Environment. 1976-84 he studied at the Musikhochschule Köln New Music Theatre with Mauricio Kagel, Piano and Rhythmik. 1989 Doctorate in Musicology [PhD]. Since 1983 touring, living, teaching, performaning, exhibiting, stipes and residencies in Paris, New York, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Europe and Australia. Karl-Sczuka-Prize (support grant winner) German SWR Radio and the ‚German Soundart Award 2008’. 1997 Live Satellite-Performance Melbourne-Frankfurt-Melbourne in collaboration with Ros Bandt [ABC Radio Sydney live broadcasting in ‚The Listening Room]. FOREVER NOW competition [Aphids, Melbourne] selected artist for the GOLDEN RECORD, sent into the orbit 2015 with the elctroacoustic composition ‚Abund_dance’.