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Tura New Music Ltd is a not for profit music organisation based in Perth, Western Australia. Tura is a producer as well as resource centre and advocate for New Music. Founded in 1987 Tura has a proud history of achievement in initiating cultural development in Western Australia from inner city Perth to remote communities of Western Australia.

Tura presents a year round program of events including:

  • The Totally Huge New Music Festival
  • Sounds Outback
  • Scale Variable New Chamber Music Series
  • Club Zho
  • Regional Touring Program
  • Remote Residency Program
  • Artists in Residence Program

Tura houses an impressive archive of Western Australian New Music material which is currently being catalogued and prepared for establishing an online archive, in partnership with Edith Cowan University.
As a service provider, Tura supports the careers of composers, sound artists and performers as well as advising a broad range of organisations on New Music and sound initiatives.


To be the peak body for New Music in Western Australia, advocating for and supporting the full life cycle of New Music – the creation, development, promotion, presentation and distribution of New Music – for its artists, organisations and audiences, locally, nationally and internationally.


The lives of Western Australians and lovers of New Music everywhere are enriched by extraordinary, challenging and innovative cultural experiences, with Western Australia recognised as a hotbed of New Music making and experimentation.

Tura New Music

  • Develops and delivers diverse productions, presentations, events and tours
  • Presents a diverse range of programs that provide opportunities for education, sensory and intellectual enrichment and which contribute to Western Australia’s cultural identity
  • Supports the creation, development, promotion and presentation of New Music across a broad range of activity including but not limited to orchestra/chamber, improvisation, electronica, computer music, sound art and new forms that are and will be created
  • Acts as a resource and advocacy centre for Government, industry, composers, performers and the community
  • Provides vital support, information and advice to emerging and accomplished New Music composers and performers and organisations
  • Promotes discussion with regard to the diverse philosophies and techniques of New Music
  • Promotes interaction and collaboration between New Music and other contemporary art forms, including new media.

What is New Music?

New Music – from compositions of contemporary orchestral works to the latest in computer-generated music – is created by composers living and practicing today in a variety of genres and forms, all sharing the common theme that they rigorously explore new ground in their particular field of creativity, exposing audiences to new possibilities in music and sound.